• Atomic Habits에서 발췌
    하루하루/일상 2018.11.02 13:22

    All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.

    습관 형성에 관한 현실적이고 쓸모있는 자기계발 서적이다.

    지난 달에 나온 책이라 아직 번역본은 없는데, 대중성이 있어서 번역돼 나오면 평타 이상은 할 것 같은 책이다. 

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